Night Invasion is a shooter game where you have to survive 15 pirates waves, buy new tanks and weapons to improve your power.

if you like the game please comment down below, it means a lot to me ! enjoy.

Development log


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Why does pressing d instantly give me game over? Can I not turn clockwise?

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You can  use the arrows, it's becuse sometimes you wanna die to buy new  things lol i know it's a bit stupid


Was a little odd to play at first; the control scheme felt a little awkward but as it's a tank game, I expect and appreciate that and once I got the hang of it all was well. After a couple of attempts and figuring out how/when to buy upgrades, I had a really fun time! A little more variation in weapons, upgrades and types of enemy would increase replayability but it's a lot of fun as it stands :) I especially like the lighting effects!

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thank you so much for your feedback ! i really appreciate it. it feels awesome to recieve the few first motivating comments :) unfortunately i've discovered that the lighting effects don't work on some pc's, depends on the gpu, so i'm glad you've experienced the whole game :D


What I Liked 

- The small touches for the graphics are nice like the explosion and smoke. 
- The scrolling background makes it feel like there's more action going on which is cool. 
- Shooting ships but not killing them still results in the ships continuing to explode and lose health. This was a really nice touch as it let me take care of other enemies quicker. 
- Nice feedback when shooting enemies.  
- escape pods(/) after ship explodes that can be shot.
- satisfying to kill enemies. When they start exploding the explosions seem to damage the ships health which is another nice small touch.

 Could Be Improved 
- unclear how to buy weapons? The game page says you can but I couldn't see any menus or buttons for it. 
- when you exit to the menu, then play again, it starts you from where you left off. There is no way to start back at wave 1? was this intentional? 
- even though i progressed through waves the "default" weapon did the same damage. would be nice if it increased slightly but i didn't know how to buy weapons? 

No way to start a new game. Here I am starting on level 3 with a score of 0.


- What do the floating skulls mean?
- What is day mode and "end" ?
- how do i buy weapons?


THANK YOU so much! 

you can buy weapons when you die. i assume you didn't continue to die, when you die you can buy a second weapon for you current tank to collect more kills ( floating skulls ) that appear in the top left, and then buy another tanks with more powerful weapons, it's when you die.

I recently added the progress bar to track the progress of the game, i believe it keeps the player playing especially when there is a day mode to reach, idk i just feel it adds some addiction.

If you want to restart the game just press the restart button on the pause menu ! i don't know how you missed it :') .

BUT i really don't know how you started wave 3 with score of 0 ! probably a bug but everything works fine with me, i should do more testing. and are you sure that shooting ships but not killing them still results the contunuing to lose health ? lol because i didn't do that ! 

thank you very much for your motivating feedback, please can you just make sure that ships don't keep loosing help when not shooting them ? since i don't really have play testers lol


Interesting game :D


Thank  you so much 😀😀

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did you complete the all waves ? :)